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In recent weeks we gave a voice to the millions of animals that are transported and slaughtered annually. At the OIE international conference in Mexico we gave a poster-presentation to dozens of veterinarians and control bodies around the world about the appalling conditions in which animals die in slaughterhouses. We were also at the World Halal Summit in Istanbul to speak with religious leaders about the possibilities to stun animals before slaughter.

Furthermore, we had a promising talk with Migros, the largest supermarket chain in Turkey, about the possibilities to train the staff to audit the slaughterhouses supplying meat to them and we were in Brussels several times to assist the European Commission in the development of good and best-practices for livestock transport.

Obviously our inspections continued unabated: we recently inspected a large pig slaughterhouse in Germany which was in the middle of renovating. This allowed our welfare advice to be directly included in the new building plans. Read the inspection report here

Also, we were back checking on the horsemarket in Zuidlaren this year. This time, fortunately, the horses were no longer next to the loud fairground with blasting music and drunk people. However, the new fenced-in location was much too small which led to huge crowds between the horses during the day. We are working hard on the horse market problems. Read the inspection report

And further:

⚫ An international campaign has been launched against long-distance transport of animals for slaughter using Eyes on Animals footage taken from the field. Join the campaign

⚫ A wonderful article about our horse inspections has been published in the journal Freedom Rider. Read the document here (available only in Dutch)

⚫ We published an in-depth document on how to reduce the suffering of chickens in slaughterhouses. This report will be sent to poultry slaughterhouses throughout Europe and abroad. See the report here

⚫ We are working on an educational brochure for chicken-catchers. This brochure will be used during the training courses we now give to chicken- catchers to reduce the suffering of chickens during catching and loading and to encourage the alternative and more humane Swedish catching-method (upright with support below the chest instead of hung upside down by the legs).

⚫ On January 18th at 19:00 we will be giving a talk at the Organic Food Exhibition in Zwolle about the current cruel chicken-catching methods used even in the organic sector and illustrating the "Swedish catching-method" as a way forward for the organic egg and poultry industry to adopt! You are welcome to come and see us talk! For more information

⚫ Scientific research into humane gas alternatives to CO2 for stunning of slaughter pigs is in full swing and, after initiating this research, we are obviously staying on top of this with regular communication with the scientists and funders.

⚫ We are in touch with the Rabobank about getting more humane slaughter systems in place at the chicken farms they helped finance in Ukraine. The talks are going well and we have good faith that new plants set up will use the most up to date technology, not requiring birds to be live shackled anymore.

⚫ We have been invited to inspect two slaughterhouses in Austria and provide input for improvements to reduce stress and slaughter. This will happen in late January.

Eyes on Animals is one of the few organizations working in the field, in direct contact with the animals being transported, sold and slaughtered. We are able to see where improvements are most needed. Spreading this knowledge is incredibly important. It ensures that controlling authorities can monitor in a more targeted way, religious leaders are awakened, retailers will impose stricter requirements to their products, and a general increase of knowledge about animal welfare among the industry to achieve what we want now: less animal suffering! Please continue to support us so that we can continue this vital work.

Finally, our team wishes you a very loving and happy 2017 in which we all will mean a lot for the animals!

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