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Our teams have been in Brussels, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey… but here are two highlights from the past two months that we wanted to share with you.

Harassed at horsemarket

Our teams have been inspecting the yearly horse markets held in The Netherlands. Two teams just returned home from an 18-hour inspection of the Zuidlaren horse market - the largest in Europe where every year more than 1000 horses, ponies and donkeys are sold. In just a few years we have succeeded in improving most of these yearly Dutch horse markets -  now with hay and water being made available, the music from the festival tents turned down or the speakers being moved further away from the animals to reduce panic, more group pens instead of the animals tied on tightly to railings, traders trying to bring in animals in very poor shape being refused and fined, etc… But ultimately our hope is to put an end to these markets because in reality they are simply “parties”  for the local village, with lots of people drinking at night and fear created for the animals. They are no place for the sale of animals.

The horse traders are obviously feeling the pressure, because this time our team and two women from, a Dutch internet community for animal welfare, were threatened and physically harassed when filming. We are not discouraged and will continue putting pressure on the market managers and authorities and we will continue supervising the welfare of the animals as long as the government continues to authorize these markets. This incident and the results of our inspections have generated a lot of attention in the Dutch media, including an article in het Dagblad van het Noorden and in the most widely-read daily newspaper De Telegraaf and also on TV, including Omroep MAX and Hart van Nederland.

Slaughterhouses in Turkey

Our “Turkey” team, lead by our inspector Asalet, has been busy making a Turkish/English film on the essence of Halal and its role in animal-slaughter. Asalet will soon return to Turkey to meet with  religious leaders throughout the country to show them the film and discuss the content with them. The focus of the film is on the importance to stun animals before slaughter. Only when we have the support of the religious leaders in Turkey can stunning be introduced and accepted in the slaughterhouses there. Eyes on Animals has always been a fan of education and open, respectful dialogue. People need to be presented the facts and science to make correct judgements, not forced into decisions. Only when people understand the problem, can they be a part of the solution. We wish Asalet lots of success. To watch the 25-minute film, please click here. (Attention! Shocking images).

Director of Eyes on Animals nominated for VIVA award!

Lesley Moffat, director of Eyes on Animals, has been nominated for the VIVA award. VIVA has selected 400 candidates for this award; all women that stand out in their field of work. Women that are courageous, stand up for what they feel is right, and know how to make their dreams come true. Do you, like us, also think that Lesley deserves to win this award? Then please vote for her via this website:

English instructions:
1. Open the website link
2. Scroll down to the third row of photos of women, Lesley is on the right hand side
3. Click on her photo
4. Click on the button “ Stem” (stem means “vote”)
5. A window will then open asking you to type in your first name (voornaam) and your email address
6. Check-off the last box indicating that you agree with the contest rules (“Ja ik heb de spelvoorwaarden gelezen en ga akkoord”)
7. Click on the button “stem”
8. You should then get an email on the address that you logged on with, asking you to confirm your vote. Only once you do this, will you vote be counted. Make sure to open your email and confirm!
9. Thank you. Winning this contest will be wonderful not only for Lesley, but for Eyes on Animals and the animals. It will make our work more well known, and influence people to also think about how their behavior can positively or negatively effect animal-welfare!

Without your help we could not attain these important steps to curb animal-suffering. Please, do support us with a donation. Every gift, small or large, is very appreciated.

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