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Animal transport - it is something that we are all concerned about. You could be a concerned free-range farmer, that does his best to take care of his animals on the farm and feels uncomfortable knowing that once they leave your premise, you don´t really know what their welfare will be like. You could be an animal-rights person, who refrains from eating meat and dairy and is totally against animal transport. Or you could be a transporter yourself, who is tired of seeing the bad guys profit from transporting animals in poor conditions, with the laws not being harmoniously or adequately enforced. That is why we think you will all be interested in knowing that Eyes on Animals is doing what it can, to at least improve the welfare of animals being transported today. Eyes on Animals gives theoretical and practical training courses to livestock drivers across Europe. Sometimes it is the transport company that comes to Eyes on Animals to request it, and sometimes it is us that approach the companies that we think need it.

We don´t just cover the legal requirements, but more importantly, we cover such issues as animal sentience, why drivers should care and practical tips such as how to reach a veterinarian in a foreign country, how to get out of a traffic jam, how to stop the fighting of bulls and how to effectively check that all animals have received enough water. The design of the truck is also discussed, so that manufacturers of livestock vehicles will receive feedback from drivers as to which designs are bad, so they can be improved on. Water systems are being built where the specie on board cannot figure out at all how to use it, or floors and partitions of the truck have gaps where animals get stuck. We insist that transport companies only buy the better models of trucks. With the help of a kind and knowledgeable livestock-truck driver, we then give a practical training where the drivers have to prepare a truck properly (enough bedding, all systems checked to be in working condition) and load gently and correctly without exceeding loading densities or minimum headspace. On January 5th, one of the largest animal-transport companies in Europe, Hunland, requested a training course for 20 of their livestock drivers near Budapest. This time we were joined by the Dutch agricultural magazine ‘Boerderij’ that made a short video clip of the training. Please, take a look!

By giving these types of training courses we can change the industry from within, making it a more gentle world for animals. Thanks for your support and trust in our organization!

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