Dear friends and donors,

Our inspection team has just come back from Turkey, where we checked on cattle transports at the Bulgarian border. We came back upset, disappointed and angry. Not a lot has changed compared to five years ago. We did accomplish a few things, but still everyday dozens of cattle transports are waiting for hours and sometimes even days, in the burning sun, to be allowed into Turkey.

It is extremely hot (35-40°C) at the border, no shade is to be found, and only one tiny water hose to water over a thousand thirsty animals. The water systems on board of the trucks often do not work properly, are filthy or are turned off completely. Almost all the animals are overcrowded and the legal resting and travelling time-limits for the animals are systematically being disrespected.

Our team instructed the drivers to water and feed the animals, to clean the water troughs and to turn on the ventilators.

We trailed a number of livestock trucks until they reached their final destination in Turkey. One truck had a dead pregnant cow from Germany aboard, another an injured bull and another truck was extremely overcrowded and filthy and did not have access doors. Access doors are vital to be able to water and feed the animals.

We thoroughly documented all infringements and abuses. Together with inspection teams from AWF/TSB we have been seriously brainstorming and are now preparing big steps to take against this trade. This time we will not settle for promises; we want to see concrete changes once and for all. The animals have waited long enough. Soon we will give you an update on the situation.

We promise you we will do everything in our power to stop animals suffering at the Turkish-Bulgarian border. Please, keep on supporting our work. Many people are making a lot of money on this live-animal trade route, stopping the way it is set up, is not easy. We need your help more than ever!

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