Good Newsletter September 2017


Breakthrough in Turkey

One of the biggest abuses in Turkish slaughterhouses is the live hoisting of cattle. They are placed in a box with a tilting floor, made to fall over and lifted by one leg while still alive. Eyes on Animals was able to convince Helmaks, a major Turkish manufacturer of slaughterhouse equipment, to no longer sell these cruel boxes with a tilting floor. Together under guidance of a Belgian company that we respect, Helmaks developed a new box in which cattle remain standing. The cattle will no longer face the horror of falling down and being hoisted by a chain wrapped around one of their legs. In September, the first ever slaughterhouse in Turkey with this box will start working. The beginning of the end to a terrible practice! Of course, the suffering in Turkish slaughterhouses is still enormous. For example, cattle are slaughtered with being stunned. But we are working hard to change this step by step too!


Goat farms under increased supervision

Earlier this summer we inspected a goat farm where the conditions were horrible, with many dead and dying animals. The popular TV show Hart van Nederland, Broadband Brabant and various blogs paid attention to it. The exposure of our inspection has now led to all goat farms in the Netherlands being put under closer supervision by government, politicians and the official inspectors of the NVWA. The NVWA have issued numerous fines and the goat sector has to come up with an improvement plan. Of course, we are keeping a close eye on the issue - and we will definitely continue with our inspections.


Eyes on Animals generated media exposure of barn fires

Tens of thousands of animals have sadly died in the many barn fires that took place in The Netherlands in the past few weeks. Suffocated, burnt alive or euthanized after barely surviving the ordeal. We visited these barns and contacted the media so that the suffering of these animals would finally be heard. Our inspector Madelaine Looije was interviewed in the TV show EénVandaag, Omroep Gelderland, the fire service magazine 112 and was a guest speaker on the popular morning radio show De Nieuwsshow on Radio 1. Promising news! The Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Van Dam has now announced that he wants to pass stricter fire-prevention regulations for also older barns to abide by.

You can see here the videos and photos we and photographer Jack Tummers took of the recent barns burned down in Erichem, Agelo and Swifterbant.


€ 2,000 raised for a project in Ghana

It's not only in Turkey that cattle need our help. Also in Ghana, animals have their throat cut without stunning and the road to the slaughterhouse is stressful. Thanks to your help, we have collected almost € 2,000 euros to train slaughterhouse workers in Ghana! Will you help us reach our target amount of € 6,000? Donate via:

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Eyes on Animals reduces suffering in pig slaughterhouse

On the advice of Eyes on Animals, a slaughterhouse in East Netherlands has made some important changes to decrease some of the suffering and stress. The stunning box has been modified, an additional employee has been appointed to reduce the stress when moving the pigs and electric prods are no longer used. The slaughterhouse is also working to improve the light in the slaughterhouse, so that animals are less afraid to walk towards the stunning area. We are very pleased with these changes - because previously the well-being of the pigs in this slaughterhouse was really unsatisfactory. Fortunately, the company was open to our advice and they are also very happy with the changes.


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