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Improving animal-welfare during transport is one of our priorities.
We are present at border crossings, check livestock export centers and follow, if necessary, livestock trucks to their final destination. We also train police-agents in different EU countries to make sure that livestock trucks are better monitored throughout Europe and abusers of the animal-protection laws be penalized. With this newsletter we would like to tell you about the small and big improvements that we, thanks to your support, have achieved!

Officials penalize Hefter transport company after receiving report from EonA/ AWF

Last May, our team observed  a livestock truck from the German company Hefter with young Lithuanian calves on board. The truck was parked at the a control post (WIMA) in Poland. We documented that the calves were not unloaded to rest, drink or eat, but had to remain in a stationary truck  for nine hours. After this, the truck continued towards Belgium. EonA / AWF immediately sent a complaint to the German and Belgian authorities. This complaint ultimately led to a conviction of the company Hefter!
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Join us and famous photographer Jo-Anne Mc Arthur in person!

On October 12th the film “The Ghosts in our Machine”, about the fantastic Canadian animal-photographer (and our friend) Jo-Anne Mc Arthur, will be shown in Rotterdam. Many of us from Eyes on Animals will be present and we would love to meet you all in person. Please, won’t you join us?

Date and time: 12 October 2015, 19:00
Location: Theater LantarenVenster Rotterdam
More information on location and tickets

Eyes on Animals soon to start training-course for police in Poland!

So far Eyes on Animals has given theory and practical training courses to more than 1000 Hungarian, Bulgarian and Belgian police officers. During these courses we teach the agents the EU legislation requirements on animal-protection during transport and then we stop livestock trucks on the roads together. The aim of these courses is that the animal protection legislation is better and more often enforced. This autumn, Eyes on Animals will expand its training-course to Poland and train over 60 Polish police officers! We already have two confirmed trainings dates in October and November and more will follow. 

Trainings in Poland are badly needed. Eyes on Animals regularly see animal-trucks from Poland that are overloaded, have no water with them or are exceeding the travel time. By training the agents in the best possible way, we can reduce such abuses.

Improvements at calf-export station in Poland

This summer we made an unannounced visit to a calf export-station in Poland. Eyes on Animals does not agree with the transport of young animals like calves as they are very fragile and their immune system not yet fully developed. Nevertheless, calves continue to be exported all over the world so we are doing our best to help them now.  The station made a relatively acceptable impression. The calves, mainly from Lithuania and Poland had ample space, plenty of straw and the air quality was good. The owner was also very welcoming and let us in to see everything. However, we found that not all the calves got enough milk and were sometimes grabbed by their tails when they had to move. The director took our concerns seriously and announced that he was going to do something about this. A few weeks later he also reported to us that he, following our advice, loaded fewer calves per truck because of the extreme heat. It is a beginning and we appreciate his open attitude. 

EonA’s work mentioned in an article on poultry welfare

Recently a very interesting article was published about the welfare of poultry during transport in an industry magazine called “The Poultry Site”. Eyes on Animals was interviewed for this article and offered many of our photos taken during our inspections of poultry-trucks to the magazine. It is very important such articles like this one are published often in industry-oriented magazine to make industry more aware of the welfare problems that occur during transport and feel the pressure to make improvements. Read the article in The Poultry Site on page 4.

Without your help we could not attain these important steps to curb animal-suffering. Please, do support us with a donation. Every gift, small or large, is very appreciated.

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