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The documentary about the transport of calves that was broadcasted on the Dutch TV show "EenVandaag" has had quite an impact! As of this Monday, December 21 2015, the long-distance transport of unweaned calves (under 2 months of age) from the Netherlands will be forbidden. The footage showed how many of these young animals arrive severely dehydrated and too weak to walk after long-distance journeys by truck to the fattening farms. This footage was taken by Eyes on Animals, in commission for the Dierenbescherming's campaign.

Click here to watch the compilation film on the transport of young calves

The Dutch authorities from the NVWA finally confirmed that the drinking system on livestock trucks is not suitable for use by unweaned calves and thus the long-distance transport of such animals is in conflict with European legislation and causes significant animal suffering.

Eyes on Animals is pleased with the decision made by the Dutch authorities. For years now we have pointed out to the Dutch and EU authorities the serious infringements taking place during the long-distance transport of young calves. The young calves cannot drink on board during the journey, the drivers often skip the rest breaks and calves at such a young age do not have a developed immune system yet, and thus cannot cope well with the stress of transport.  

The media exposure and the numerous inspection reports have indeed lead to positive decision making by the NVWA!

For the moment this ban is applicable just on the export of young calves from the Netherlands. We will now strive for a ban to also be applied on the import of young calves to the Netherlands.

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