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The use of the aversive gas “CO2” to render pigs unconscious before slaughter is soon to come to an end. On Tuesday December 8th, The Dutch House of Representatives accepted a motion by the Dutch Political Party for Animals to phase out the use of CO2 during pig slaughter. After years of discussion finally a consensus has been met, namely that CO2 is not an ethically acceptable gas to stun pigs and research into developing a humane alternative must be made a priority.

The Eyes on Animals´ film showing the CO2 stunning of pigs played a vital role in the development and acceptance of this motion. Many people had positive opinions about CO2 stunning, but in truth very few people had seen it in real life. This changed in 2014 when we received permission to install cameras in the CO2 cages of various European pig slaughterhouses and publish the film. The footage showed how pigs screamed, gasped for air and violently struggled to escape. With this film we wanted to raise the notch of the discussion in order to stimulate research into developing new stunning options that are more humane. And we succeeded!

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